Cleanroom Malaysia

Design Build and Maintain of Cleanroom, Bio Safety Containment, HVAC System

Oceantrax Engineering is a total solutions provider of cleanroom related products and services in Malaysia. Our cleanroom related services includes engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of cleanroom for semiconductor, electronic & electrical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, hospitals & health-care, food and R & D laboratories industries.

Malaysia cleanroom related product & services

Our services include:
  1. Cleanroom HVAC System
  2. Cleanroom Interior Works
  3. Utility Services
    • Process gases and semi gases
    • Chemical delivery system
    • Ultra pure water system
    • Air scrubber
    • Process cooling system
    • Process vacuum
    • (Hi Vac) High pressure vacuum pipe
    • Industrial piping works (steel pipe, plastic pipe)
  4. Building Management System
  5. Process Tools Hook Up
  6. Testing & Commissioning

Our guidelines in construction of Biosafety Containment Laboratories

Basic Laboratory Design for Biological Safety Level 1 Containment
Each laboratory shall contain a sink for hand washing.
The laboratories shall be designed for easy cleaning.
Rugs shall not be used.
Bench tops shall be impervious to water and resistant to acids, alkalis, organic solvents, and moderate heat.
Approved and accepted methods for decontamination of infectious or regulated laboratory wastes are available
Oceantrax Engineering's aim is derived from fulfilling our customer's requirements and meeting the ever increasing industry expectations.
We will continue our quest for innovation by harnessing leading edge technologies and knowledge based service capabilities to create value for our customers
Biosafety Containment
Established in Year 2001. Approved CIDB G7 Contractor. ISO9001:2008 Certified. We specialize in Cleanroom, Bio Safety Containment, Vivarium Facility, HVAC System, Process Utility System and Process Tools Hook Up.
Cleanroom Malaysia
Biosafety Containment
Duty And Scope Of Work
Contract Maintenance for ACMV System, Cleanroom and
Air Polution Control System.
Machine Hook Up and MRO works
Design and installation of electrical control system
Design and installation of ACMV, Cleanroom,
Air Scrubber
Biosafety Containment
Oceantrax Engineering
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